PolarQuest has developed a special Polar Preparation Course, aimed at those about to, or considering undertaking expeditions or travel in Polar regions. This course is based on our extensive knowledge of 30 years of Arctic travel. Its a practical winter survival training course and is designed to introduce you to the skills and techniques you will need to prepare for a polar expedition, giving you greater confidence in the judgment and decision making aspects of polar travel.

The course is run in early Winter in the high fjells of Swedish Lappland. At this time of year it is dark, windy and cold, we would go so far as to describe weather conditions here as potentially brutal and very close to conditions you can, and should expect on any high Arctic journey.

We also have an extensive Polar equipment resource for rental including ski outfits, pulks, Arctic tents & polar weight sleeping bags, parkas, snowsuits, cook sets and even pre made expedition food packs.

PolarQuest is easy to reach from International destinations. Main hub is through Stockholm to our local regional airport in Hemavan and we operate a comfotable airport to our base shuttle service.

So, if you are new to the cold, let us introduce you to our frozen playground ! If you are full on "ski to the poles" motivated, we can also help you realize those goals and equip you with essential skills that will make the journey a challenge rather than a survival epic !
PolarQuest also maintains a kennel of 40 Alaskan Huskies that we also incorporate when appropriate, into our winter courses, even if you are not here for the huskies, you will surely enjoy the nightly chorus !

Please contact us with details on what courses you are interested in and we`ll respond with a full data sheet of info.


Call or email us for details of any of the courses or for info on tailored training options. Most gear rental info & bunkhouse rates are here on the website, but please do call us if you need help with stuff you don`t find.

Finally, please do visit our long time trade partners. These guys also know their cold weather stuff and we could not function in such comfort without them !

All of us at PolarQuest look forward to helping you enjoy your cold weather adventures very soon !