Get ready for the winter season! FLYSURFER presents its latest Touring must haves: the brand new PEAK4 and CONNECT Control Bar. Our single-skin foilkite concept combines our passion for usability and security that will make your outdoor kite experience unforgettable.
Progressive depower, direct steering, high stability and amazing power per m2 make the PEAK4 the perfect touring kite.


We bring you the best clothing and equipment the Nordic countries have to offer! Having lived in Norway for some years, we lived as the Norwegians live....that is to say we lived for the outdoors..... fishing, canoeing, cross country skiing, cycling, hiking, you name it!

Our approach is to look at the whole clothing system, making sure our customers get exactly what they need for the adventures they are heading for.




Dedicated to generating and integrating the “Blue Flame” in every flaming device conceived, SOTO’s engineers have devoted their lives to creating products that reach a maximum sustainable flame in the least possible amount of time. Devices that can be trusted to function in extreme cold and chilling winds. Every effort is made to provide the highest safety and technical standards at all phases of production, resulting in an enhanced outdoor experience for end-users of SOTO’s products.


Outdoor equipment


Starting at the most North Eastern point of Norway, the self sufficient team cycled an average of 200km a day and sea kayaked up to 50km a day in order to cross the length of the country’s coastline and retell heroic stories of WWII Combined Commando/SOE operations in unique and captivating ways.

Throughout the challenge, the Norway 75 team raised money for the Royal Marines Charity and its efforts to support good mental health.


Kailas products currently range from climbing gear to outdoor sporting essentials. Kailas’ love and passion for climbing drives us to develop the most reliable, highest quality products with the latest technology.



8848 Altitude was established in 1990 after designing the equipment for the first successful Swedish ascent to Mount Everest top – at an altitude of 8848 meters. Ever since, 8848 Altitude has been developing highly functional yet accessible outdoor and ski wear that are stylish, clever and fun to use. 


The main reason to make the journey to Kittelfjäll is to satisfy the desire for fresh powder and big mountain adventure.

HeliNord’s long history of operation in the region ensures the ability to ski the best terrain the area has to offer.

The passionate and inspiring individuals who operate HeliNord are motivated to provide you an experience of a lifetime in the pristine mountains of Kittelfjäll.




ExplorersWeb was founded over 15 years ago by Tom and Tina Sjögren, the first couple to complete the Three Poles Challenge by climbing Mount Everest and skiing to both the North and South Poles. Talking with climbers at Everest base camp and explorers around the world, Tom and Tina became frustrated with involvement of commercial expedition organizers in the world of exploration and the bias in the media coverage of exploration, which they saw as focusing on well-funded Anglo-Saxon expeditions and ignored the achievements of others. They launched ExplorersWeb to help rectify this