Some useful Information to make sure, its not getting here which is the greatest challenge of your Scandinavian adventure!


If you book through an online travel agency you will find many affordable flights to Stockholm / Arlanda. 

The closest airport to us is Hemavan/Tärnaby airport.

This has to be booked as a separate flight (unless you try a physical travel agency, they might be able to book this as one connecting flight for you). The web address for the booking is . 
So far its just in Swedish, you chose your travel times and destinations from a dropdown menu and get taken to available times and prices after that. The fares for one way range between 595 and as high as 2000 SEK, depending on season and time of booking. There are no flights on saturdays.

Allow at least one hour to change flights in Arlanda, expecially on the return flight! The terminals are far apart and you will have to check in your bags again in Stockholm! 
Its also advisable to allow for some delay either way, since there is no compensation if you booked two seperate flights.

Some may find it more convenient to book a trip to Umeå instead, this will also be through Arlanda, but can be booked as one continuous trip, therefore you will get help in case of delay. Umeå features as destination in all online travel agencies.

From Umeå there is a bus which will take you directly to our doorstep. The busride takes a little over 4 hrs and is fairly comfortable with free WiFi and even power for recharging on board. The busfare is around 270:- kr and tickets can be bought at the tickeet office at Umeå busstation or (for the return) from the driver. They don't take cash (like many palces in Sweden), so bring a bankcard. Any debit or credit card should do.

Between Umeå airport and Umeå busstation lays a 4km Taxi ride or another bus (No 80 to Universitetssjukhuset, 15 min).

There are several Taxi companies in Umeå, you find a list here : FIND A TAXI

Find the bus : BUSSCHEDULE

Plan your individual trip here : TRIP PLANER

Departure is from ”Umeå busstation” (or ”Umeå Universitätssjukhus” in case you take the bus from the airport), destination is ”Slussfors” (there is just one stop there).